Why Engage A Vocational Expert?

If you have ever wondered when to hire a vocational expert to assist in personal injury matters here are some issues to consider. Whether you are representing plaintiff or defense, consider referring the claimant for an evaluation, if the injured individual:

  • is a younger adult,

  • has less than high school education, with little or no training or transferable skills,

  • has a limited work history in physically demanding jobs,

  • has physical, cognitive, or emotional limitations precluding return to their pre-injury occupation or occupations they held in the past

An analysis of the ability to work and earn wages can help to determine any difference in pre versus post injury wage earning capacity.

Our experts at Stokes & Associates frequently field questions regarding whether a case requires our assistance. Given facts of the case, we may suggest an evaluation of the plaintiff to prepare for expert testimony, or to act as a non-testifying consultant to assist in clarifying lost wages, future medical costs, or other issues related to return to work.

An evaluation may not be necessary if the facts are obvious, but don’t miss an opportunity to present evidence if it can help you to advance your position in the case.

To schedule a complimentary consultation concerning a "hypothetical matter" with one of our experts at Stokes & Associates, please call David Barrett at 504-454-5009 or email dbarrett@stokes-associates.com

Larry S. Stokes, Ph.D.
Aaron Wolfson, Ph.D.
Todd Capielano, M.Ed., LRC, CRC, LPC, CLCP