Research Associates


Conducts labor market, wage earning capacity, and life care planning research and assists case managers in case and case load management.

Attends case staffing’s and plans out the case work with the team. Assist in vocational evaluations when necessary. May conduct testing, test scoring, and interpretation. Manages the test inventory and prepares test kit for travel to vocational evaluations when necessary. Conducts research on projects as needed.

Promotes and develops employment opportunities and on-the-job training opportunities for evaluees and clients.

Contacts employers and employment agencies and surveys newspapers, the internet and other resources to locate potential employment opportunities for client or evaluee based on assessment of evaluee or client’s needs, abilities, and interests.

Analyzes job factors and environment to determine need for workplace modifications and coaching/support needed to teach job to evaluee/client. Negotiates with employer to modify workplace and to restructure or eliminate tasks which evaluee/client is unable to perform.

Requirements: A minimum of a Bachelor’s degree is generally required to become a Research Associate; however, the educational requirements of this position vary reflecting the diversity of the duties and levels of responsibility. The Research Associate acts as an advisor or consultant to customers and clients/evaluees. The Research Associate directs, controls and plans the activities of clients/evaluees, makes decisions regarding services, and performs a variety of duties.

Competitive Pay and benefits, including: Vacation, Health and Vision Insurance, Medical Leave, 401K, Profit Sharing, and excellent professional advancement opportunities.

Business Hours:  Monday–Friday, 8:00 am to 4:30 pm.

Qualified Applicants Only

Please submit your resume Caroline Simoneaux at or fax to 504-455-1081. To reach Caroline directly, call 504-608-6921.