Physician’s Opinion Report

When conducting an assessment to determine employability and wage earning capacity, vocational rehabilitation experts rely on medical/psychological information regarding physical, cognitive, or emotional limitations. A thorough review of medical records often provides information regarding the chronology of medical treatment and recommendations for future treatment.

On occasion, medical records are unclear with regard to future treatment needs and limitations. Without specific, documented restrictions, expert opinions regarding physical and mental capacities require assumptions to be made. It is helpful to confirm projections of capacity or limitations.

Stokes & Associates, Inc. has developed a Physician’s Opinion Report form to document information to strengthen expert opinions of future medical and vocational needs when records alone do not provide the information.

The report has been used effectively in settlement, mediation, conferences, consultations, depositions and at trial.

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Larry S. Stokes, Ph.D.
Aaron Wolfson, Ph.D.
Todd Capielano, M.Ed., LRC, CRC, LPC, CLCP