What is a Reasonable Job Search?

When we are engaged to assist in cases where our role is that of “rehabilitation counselor,” our task is to offer and provide job placement assistance to individuals who have been out of the workforce because of injury or illness. In those cases, the injured worker is required to “actively” participate and engage in the job placement process, and conduct a reasonable job search.
The injured worker is expected to make efforts to obtain work in similar or other jobs. Government agencies define active job search as "one that could have resulted in a job offer without further action on the part of the job seeker.”
An Article by Stewart and Turner (2014) presented the Job Search Evaluation Scale to systematically evaluate six major components of a successful job search including: time spent on the job search, face to face contacts, seeking agency assistance, informational interviewing, and documented follow-up efforts.
There has been much debate regarding what constitutes a "reasonable” or “acceptable” job search by the injured party. Although there is no definition of what is “reasonable,” the following are suggestions on what an effective job search should encompass for the injured worker:

  • Work closely with the rehabilitation counselor to develop job goals and receive job seeking assistance as needed

  • Network (some research suggests that more than half of job seekers found their current jobs through personal referrals)

  • Apply for jobs online, BUT make personal face to face contacts with people/prospective employers

  • Apply and utilize assistance from local Job Service offices/agencies

  • Develop updated customized resume(s) and cover letters

  • Prepare in advance for job interviews

  • Apply for all job leads given by the rehabilitation counselor and agencies, including attending job fairs, contacting staffing firms, and participating in informational interviews.

  • Keep records and documentation of hours spent, contacts made, and follow-up details on all job leads

  • Spend 20-30 hours per week engaged in the above activities including follow-up with applications submitted, personal contacts made via networking, prospective employers contacted, and all job interviews attended.

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*Stewart, D., & Turner, D. (2014). What is a Reasonable Job Search? Developing a Theoretical Framework. The Rehabilitation Professional, 22(4). PP 223-230.

Larry S. Stokes, Ph.D.
Aaron Wolfson, Ph.D.
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