Vocational, Life Care Plan Experts and Preferred Providers

At Stokes & Associates, we recognize the importance of selecting the right experts and consultants to appropriately assess and define the damages portion of your case.  We believe the expert's role is to be a knowledgeable educator who adds value by informing and assisting the trier(s) of fact regarding the issues at hand. 
As Vocational Rehabilitation and Life Care Plan experts and consultants, we often analyze the work products of other experts and providers, and we are very familiar and comfortable with the interdisciplinary nature of physical rehabilitation teams.  We welcome the opportunity to consult and collaborate with physicians and other allied health professionals who have an impact on the outcome of your case.
Encouraging collaboration and communication with other key treatment providers or evaluators allow for more accurate assessment of the rehabilitation potential, employability, earning capacity, and future medical care needs of the injured party.  In networking and collaborating with other healthcare and forensic professionals, we have generated a database of key specialists and providers who we frequently recommend to referral sources. By consulting us early in the process, we can assist you to find and secure the team you need to achieve the outcome you seek.
Through a complimentary consultation, we are happy to share any information about our experiences with other providers who may be a positive impact on your case.

To strategize with one of our experts at Stokes & Associates, please call David Barrett at 504-454-5009, visit our website, www.stokes-associates.com or email dbarrett@stokes-associates.com.

Larry S. Stokes, Ph.D.
Aaron Wolfson, Ph.D.
Lacy Sapp, MHS, CRC, LPC, LRC, CLCP 
Todd Capielano, M.Ed., LRC, CRC, LPC, CLCP