Medical Cost Projections and Life Care Plans-Standards of Practice

The Standards of Practice holds all Certified Life Care Planners (CLCP) accountable for providing only the recommendations for care that fall within the life care planners specific practice area and directs that all life care planners avoid, whenever possible, generating a life care plan or medical cost projections in isolation, without consultation or collaboration with other relevant health care providers, or without having the foundation needed for including recommendations in a life care plan or medical cost projections. 
Life care planning is a transdisciplinary specialty area of practice largely consisting of qualified rehabilitation professionals such as rehabilitation counselors, rehabilitation psychologists, case managers, nurses as well as physicians. Within the field of life care planning, there are published Standards of Practice for life care planners in which all Certified Life Care Planners (CLCP) must follow.
Accordingly, when developing a life care plan or medical cost analysis, the CLCP should perform a comprehensive assessment through the process of data collection and analysis involving multiple elements and sources which includes collecting data about medical, health, biopsychosocial, financial, educational and vocational status and needs. The life care planner should also obtain information from medical records, the evaluee/family when available or appropriate, as well as through collaborating with the relevant treating or consulting health care professionals and others.

A knowledgeable and experienced life care planner and vocational expert engaged to evaluate your case needs will lead to appropriately assessing future medical care needs and vocational prognosis. 
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