Snapshot of Vocational Analysis for Mediation (PVA)

The Preliminary Vocational Analysis or PVA is a useful way to arrive at a basic conceptualization of a plaintiff’s vocational prognosis and likely residual earning capacity. In consulting on litigated cases, it is critical that we adhere to our standard method for arriving at opinions regarding vocational outlook. The typical forensic assessment includes a review of medical records, interview with the evaluee, vocational testing, research, and generation of a comprehensive vocational assessment report. However, in cases where a matter may ultimately settle or pass through the mediation process, a less comprehensive approach can assist attorneys in arriving at a reasonable estimate of a plaintiff’s future lost wages for negotiation purposes.

The PVA is a limited assignment (usually 10 hours of time) which can be used to identify occupations and wages, given the evaluee’s location, age, education, training, work history, assigned or assumed physical limitations, and wage ranges. The plaintiff is not interviewed as part of the PVA, therefore it should not be used as a substitute for a vocational assessment should the case go to trial. Our experts will not testify to the results of the PVA in lieu of a full vocational assessment. If mediation or settlement efforts fail, we generally prefer to conduct the comprehensive vocational assessment which usually requires an interview of the plaintiff and if necessary labor market research. When a PVA is converted to a full vocational assessment, hours billed to the PVA are credited to the final report, making this transition cost effective.

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