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We determine an individual’s residual employability and earning capacity following an accident or injury.

Career Counseling & Job Placement

Vocational Rehabilitation Case Management is a comprehensive service provided to assist Workers’ Compensation claimants, claims representatives, third party administrators, self-insured employers, as well as other programs and agencies handling State and Federal Workers’ Compensation claims.

Our Services

Life Care Planning & Medical Cost Analysis

Expert Testimony

Vocational Rehabilitation Assessment

We have experience helping people to evaluate their career and job choices based on their skills, abilities, and aptitudes.

We provide expert forensic opinions regarding an individual’s residual employability and earning capacity. 

Vocational Rehabilitation Case Management

Although much of the relevant information about an individual’s work history and residual earning capacity comes from record review, interviews, and testing, it is important to be familiar with the wealth of statistical data available about careers and geographically-specific earnings.

Labor Market Survey & Earning Capacity Research

A life care plan is a dynamic document, a collection of information regarding goods and services required to care for an individual who has sustained an injury or illness. We research and document the costs of the items in a Life Care Plan.